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Software purchases are final and non-refundable. Please make sure that you understand the difference between the Registered DIPUM Toolbox, which sells for $29.95 USD, and the P-Code DIPUM Toolbox and DIPUM 2/e Support Package, which sells for $39.95 USD. If you need to learn more about their difference, please click here.


In the unlikely event that you experience difficulties purchasing the toolbox, please send an email message to support ~at~ gatesmark.com (type @ instead of ~at~)  explaining the problem. To expedite a response, please type Problem Purchasing the DIPUM Toolbox in the subject line.



For your convenience, you can purchase a Single User License for the DIPUM Toolbox using either a Credit Card or PayPal.

To purchase with a Credit Card

When you enter the purchase site, look for the following images

Follow the link to the credit card input dialog boxes, and enter the appropriate credit card billing information. Ignore all material related to PayPal.

DIPUM Toolbox 2 License


To purchase with PayPal

When you enter the purchase site, log into your PayPal account or create a new PayPal account.

DIPUM Toolbox 2 License



Software purchases are final and non-refundable. Please make certain that you are purchasing the correct product for your needs.


Your purchase of a DIPUM Toolbox License implies that you understand and agree with the terms and conditions associated with purchasing such a license. Click here for details.